Our Reviews

Kind words, from happy clients

Kate Hart – Mav

Working with Krista has been life changing for both me and my horse. I was particularly interested in the mindset aspect of the programme – going barefoot was the last resort for us (as it is for many) so we had already been through many months of stress and worry, and rehab can be a long and lonely road so having someone there at the end of the phone whenever I needed support was invaluable. Krista works with you every step of the way going at your horses pace and flexing the plan as needed and to suit your available resources, so literally anyone can do it no matter what facilities you have access to – we are just on a normal average livery yard. I am pleased to say that I now have a sound happy horse who is back in full work, and I feel equipped with the knowledge needed to manage his feet moving forwards and to set ourselves goals that will allow us to fulfil our dreams. I only wish I had found her sooner!

Maria Bloomfield – Mr. T

Our story starts at the end, after short term forelimb lameness and diagnosed with severe side bone with multiple fractures and effusion of the coffins joints we were prescribed with long term box rest bar shoes bute and osphos injections followed up by steroid injections to the coffin joints which probably would result in a field ornament at best but unlikely so I was faced with losing my boy. 

I wasn’t ready and nor was he,  I did some research on barefoot which seemed like our only option but boy what a minefield that looked. Luckily via a friend we found Krista, now this is our beginning,  we started our plan after discussions with Krista in mid October our lameness started early August.  

I was offered dietary advice, exercise advice expectations were set, but most of all honesty, there was no false hope no quick fixes no false expectations.  So the shoes came off and we turned him out, Krista was there for each step backwards or forwards to offer support and advice, a sane head when I freaked out, she doesn’t just treat the feet, it’s the whole body and me! 

On the 21st November I rode my horse for the first time something I was told by professionals I would never do I can’t tell you how that felt, it was only 20 minutes but each step we increased or decreased depending on how Mr T was coping we had some ups and some downs it’s emotionally exhausting physically exhausting but just over 3 months I am riding 4 times a week up to an hour each time depending on the plan my horse is happy and looking amazing, his feet have gone through immense changes for the better, his wonky body is now straightening up he is no longer a tense spooky ride I only wish I understood the benefits of barefoot years ago. 

Yes it’s hard work but in a short time I have gone from booking the meat van to riding more times in the winter than I ever have and I could not have done it without the support and knowledge of Krista we still have a long way ahead with many more changes to come, but bring it on we are ready.

An Owner’s Story…

Dash & Heather

“Krista was there for me during the 12 weeks, helping me learn about the importance of diet and movement, reassuring me every step of the way and preparing me for bringing Dash home. The barefoot transition is not an easy one and although Dash had the best of starts, every day is a learning curve and I cannot recommend enough having the support of someone who is very knowledgeable in this sphere. And Krista is one of those people.”…