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It was important to me to create a team of trusted individuals who can all add something unique to the programme and as well as the complimentary therapies on offer we have a vet, a barefoot trimmer and a registered farrier on the team. This provides a unique viewpoint and allows the owners to establish peer-to-peer conversations which should ease the transitional period.

 Krista Jones – Founder

I have loved horses ever since I can remember and From the Ground Up has been built with that passion at the heart of everything we do.

I have had a varied background with a degree in tourism business management (I imagined a year round tan whilst working in Dubai), working in the US with horses and then a successful career in IT sales which has spanned the last 12 years. After taking Buddy through the rehabilitation process, starting his blog – Buddy’s Barefoot Adventure – and speaking to lots of other owners in the same position whilst throwing myself in the deep end and absorbing as much knowledge as possible, I decided that I wanted to help educate owners that there is another way.

I am also a qualified Equine Sports Massage Therapist, I have a HND in Lameness and Rehabilitation, am part of the Flying Changes Coaching licensed coach programme and am a member of The International Association of Animal Massage Therapists (IAAMT).

Steven Leigh – Natures Way Natural Hoofcare

If Carlsberg made barefoot trimmers… 

Steve is a key part of the programme here and has been my mentor for the last few years. Every time I meet with him I learn something new and he has a brilliant eye for biomechanics as well as a photographic memory as far as feet are concerned. Steve visits From the Ground Up on a quarterly basis.

His wealth of knowledge and advanced understanding of not only the hoof but how the whole horse is effected by the balance of the hooves, diet and management is very clear when you speak to him.

I feel Steve is one of the most forward thinking and intuitive hoof care professionals we have in this country right now.

— Lucy Nicholas, Author

Montague Saddles

Saddle fit can have a huge impact on performance but when a horse is rehabbing you have the additional challenges of working with, and adjusting to, the change in bio-mechanics and then increased musculature. This is emphasised if they have had a period of reduced work or time turned away. Julie specialises in rehabbing horses, shares our ethos and genuine passion for the horse. Her background means that she is able to look beyond the saddle and work with the whole picture which fits in perfectly with our ethos.


Judi – North Waltham Osteopaths

I started working with Judi when I needed help with Buddy in 2017. I had seen the amazing job she’d done with another horse on the yard and we started working from there. After seeing the impact she had on the horses she started treating me and I have never felt better! I have scoliosis and a leg length difference and despite trying multiple treatments throughout the years I had resigned myself to my wonkiness and low grade pain. However, since having cranio osteopathy I have been transformed and would never have another treatment again. She treats all my animals and special people and every single one has seen an improvement.

Working with Krista has been life changing for both me and my horse. I am pleased to say that I now have a sound happy horse who is back in full work, and I feel equipped with the knowledge needed to manage his feet moving forwards and to set ourselves goals that will allow us to fulfil our dreams. I only wish I had found her sooner!

– Kate Hart

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