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Where it started…

In 2012 my world came crumbling down as my beloved Buddy was diagnosed with Navicular (and a whole host of associated issues).

I’ve been exactly where you are now and understand that feeling of dread when the vet utters the words ‘Navicular’ along with a rather bleak prognosis. It doesn’t matter if your horse is 4 or 24, the doom and gloom accompanying the diagnosis is horrendous.

Traditional treatments didn’t help Buddy and so I was left with the options of semi retirement or PTS. After scouring the internet and horse and hound forums I found Rockley Farm. Barefoot rehabilitation for navicular with an 85% return to the same level of work or higher success ratio. It was a no brainer and despite numerous opinions (which I duly ignored), Buddy was back competing within 6 months. He has competed at BE, BD, represented his county BS, hunted and generally had a lot of fun which would never had happened without taking his shoes off.

We are years down the line and that journey has inspired this step into creating From the Ground Up and helping other people bring their horses back from the brink. We have helped many owners start their barefoot journey and supported many more get through the blips along the way.

Our philosophy is simple, if you want to improve your horse’s feet then we can help you do that. Having a barefoot horse isn’t appropriate for all owners and so a part of our programme also helps educate the owners of shod horses who want to ensure that their horses have the best feet too.

I owe my horse’s life to you. Without your advice, help and support we would not be back competing which is something I had never dared to dream of post ‘navicular’. Thank you so much.

– An Owner

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