Equine Sports & Rehab Massage

Why Equine Sports and Rehab Massage?

Whatever you do with your horse you are putting their body under a level of strain and Equine Sports and Rehabilitation Massage can help your horse manage and cope with that. I decided to complete my ESMT certification to add as a key component to the rehab programme here to help ease the changes that a horse will go through during rehabilitation. Horses that are going through box rest, restricted turnout and work are all under stress and massage programmes can be adapted to be exactly what their bodies need during that time.

The Benefits of Massage

Apart from making your horse feel good, there are several health benefits to massage. Of particular interest to owners are:

  • Increase circulation and healing time
  • Improve range of movement
  • Increase in synovial fluid that surround the joints
  • Improve muscle tone
  • General condition, relaxation and well being

Massage During Box Rest

Horses are not designed to stand still for long periods of time and so box rest is often stressful for the horses and the owners. It is incredibly important to maintain as much movement as possible and so massage can be a great compromise during this time.

Daily massage is ideal but even a massage once a week that involves passive movement and gentle stretching (where appropriate) can make a huge difference to physical and mental well being.

Pre & Post Event Massage

Whether you need your horse chilled out or jazzed up prior to an important event, massage can help put your horse’s body in the right state to perform at its best.

Post event massage is an excellent cool down tool, removes lactic acid from hard working muscles and can identify any areas of soreness that may have occurred. It’s also a great reward for your horse!

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