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Elite feet designed by your horse
Our barefoot rehabilitation programme has been designed to give you the right level of support through your journey based on your current circumstances. Our primary objective is to create stronger, healthier feet that are balanced for the horse and allow the body to perform at its best.

Our clients are typically diagnosed with a lameness that blocks to the foot, typically described as navicular. This can include, but not be limited to, other diagnoses such as deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT) strains or tears, collateral ligament strains, bursitis, pedal osteitis, coffin joint arthritis and sidebone.

All of our Rehab Programmes Provide…

  • Bespoke diet plan
  • Rehabilitation programme specifically designed for your horse
  • Weekly video call to discuss progress
  • Mindset coaching
  • Phone, email and text support
  • Free access to the Heel First Hub (on the 90 day Evolution Package and the Breakthrough Package)

A Tailored Approach…

Regardless of the package you choose, the support you receive is totally bespoke based on your horse’s progress and your personal circumstances. Having been through the rehab journey myself I know how hard it can be at times and I always want you to reach out for help when you need it.

One of the things that makes our programme different is that we support the owner as much as the horse. I am part of the Flying Changes Coaching Licensed Coach programme which means that I can help you navigate the ups and downs that rehab can bring. 

Our Heel First Hub is our subscription based community support programme. Access provides downloadable rehab plans, handy hints, expert Q&A sessions and a community of like minded individuals.

Additional options available to add on to rehabilitation are:

  • Sports massage sessions

  • Additional mindset coaching

  • Cranio osteopathy

  • Water treadmill sessions

  • McTimony chiropractic

  • Reiki

  • Light therapy

  • Gallop track

  • Clipping

Our Remote Rehabilitation Programme Options

Our remote rehabilitation packages have been designed for owners who wish to rehab their horses at home but would like expert support along the way. We can be as hands on as you need and you can transition through the packages as your horse improves. 

All of our monthly packages include a 60 minute initial assessment call, weekly update calls where we share photos and videos, advice on diet, biomechanics and a rehabilitation plan.

90 Day Evolution Package

The first 90 days are critical to building the foundation of a healthy foot. We are working towards two milestones in this programme – a heel first landing and a sound horse. This package is for you if your horse is currently lame, showing signs of an unhealthy foot and not landing heel first.

All 90 Day Evolution Packages include a weekly video call where we review hoof health and progress, bespoke diet and exercise programmes, access to the Heel First Hub and unlimited phone, text or email support.

We offer two options at this stage:


Designed for owners who would prefer to keep their horses at home but who still want expert support along the way.



Designed for owners who don’t have the time to commit to rehab at home, every aspect of their daily care and rehabilitation is looked after for you.


Breakthrough Package (Day 91+)

This is an on demand, multi-use package and has been designed for graduates of the 90 day Evolution programmes, barefoot horses who are struggling in their current environment, horses coming back into work.. Anyone who needs a professional eye on their horse during a challenging time.

The Breakthrough Package includes a bi-weekly video call where we review hoof health and progress, bespoke diet and exercise programmes, access to the Heel First Hub and phone, text or email support.


Heel First Hub

Access to our Facebook community, downloadable rehab plans, approved diet plans, handy hints, expert Q&A sessions, troubleshooting and a community of like minded individuals.


Diet Plan

Diet is critical to barefoot success and can often be the missing piece of the puzzle to a sound, comfortable horse. We review your current feed regime, discuss your circumstances and concerns and then build out a bespoke plan designed for your horse.


Our service is built on you and your needs so if these packages don’t quite fit with what you are looking for then please get in touch.

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